Reassurance Scan 

 Reassurance package


The purpose of this diagnostic ultrasound scan is to give you a chance to see your baby using traditional 2D ultrasound scanning. These scans can be performed from as early as 8 weeks (helping the dating of your pregnancy). And we have clinics in Edinburgh and Stirling. 


This scan is done in a comfortable stress-free environment, displayed in wide screen for all to see and in low level lighting to make viewing much more comfortable.


This scan includes 2 x A6 photos in 2D format from a medical printer renowned for its quality and high definition complete with Babes in the Womb photo holder,  the sexing of your baby and baby well being progress report examining baby’s movement, heartbeat, placenta position, liquor level and presentation all given to you in a report format


Our Edinburgh or Stirling clinics are open 7 days including weekends and evenings


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