Babes in the Womb working together with A-Fotografy


For well over a decade, A-Fotografy’s professional photographer “Armands” And Babes in the Womb have worked together, to combine incredible pictures from the womb, to beautiful new-born professional photography, sometimes

days/weeks old.  In this time, Armands, has photographed countless Babes in the Womb’s clients, a lot of which can be found in our clinic and on our website.

Due to his professionalism and incredible feedback, we are happy to pass on our recommendations for his continued work with us, and others.


There Is No Better Time To Celebrate The Love Of Your Family


Not every photographer can capture beautiful newborn portraits. To truly be able to work with newborn babies, it takes great knowledge, care, and intuition to be able to capture a connection with your baby.

You are looking for someone who will be able to understand your baby’s needs, the emotional bond you have with your newborn baby, and who can capture their story in beautiful portraits that you will be proud to display on your walls.

With over 13 years of experience with photographing over 1000 newborn babies very often, Armands is called a baby whisperer.

As a celebration of working together with Babes in the Womb, A-Fotografy is giving us a special offer exclusive to our scan clinic only. 

Find details below. 



We will select 4 families each month to win this experience.


If Selected your Experience will Include:

· Consultation to help you to design your photo session experience
· Premium Newborn Portrait Experience  (£125)
· £200 to spend towards the purchase of Portraits
· Order appointment to design your beautiful products 
· Full enhancement edits including removal of dry skin and blemishes (£125)
· Include siblings, furbabies or grandparents

Total Value - £450



To see more of A-Fotografy's work, click here 



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